Some sites that might be helpful to us:

The Student Guide to iPads - describes their deployment of iPads in their school systems and lots of suggestions. Excellent resource with really helpful ideas about what worked for them, and what they could have/ should have done. - numerous links to helpful iPad in the classroom ideas. Kathy Schrock is a pioneer in the field of technology and is one of the most organized people I have come across on the Internet. This is an excellent place to find information. - This site is titled A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet. How can you go wrong when you are following suggestions from a media specialist???

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning - Here is a description of this website:
Below is a set of great tutorials on the use of iPad. I have personally handpicked these resources from several online blogs, websites, and e-magazines. These guides are detailed, to the point and will definitely help you handle your iPad in an effective way. They will also introduce you to some amazing secrets about your iPad that you might have never known before. Have a look and share with us if you have other similar tutorials.

This is a website, provided by John Larkin, contains a guide for iMovie on the iPad.

You can share videos among several ipads using this app: VideoSync. For more information, look at this website:

Here is a really informative and helpful website for using iPads in the classroom: