We have a subscription to Voicethread through January of 2012. Educators receive free accounts so you would be able to use it even when the subscription finishes.

There are many uses for Voicethread. Last year HJH teachers used it to present to their classes, students conducted research and presented their findings on Voicethread, and students presented book reports on Voicethread. There are so many more suggestions for creative ways to use Voicethread at the links below. If you are interested in trying Voicethread with your students, L. Jones in the media center would be happy to assist.

Free educators' accounts

Voicethread 4 Education wiki

Manuals for Voicethread

Voicethread 4Education Wiki http://voicethread4education.wikispaces.com/

Voicethread Best Practices http://voicethread4education.wikispaces.com/Best+Practices