Here are some links that should be helpful to users of the Polyvision Eno Interactive Whiteboard:

User Guide

Eno Teacher Tricks and Tips

Installing and Configuring the Eno Driver and other helpful hints

Eno Icon Strip

Bringing Learning to Life with Eno Wikispaces - lots of tutorials and videos here

Mr. Frye's Guide to Using the Eno - very helpful troubleshooting and instructions for basic use of the Eno

Using Your Elmo interactively with your Polyvision Board (Elmo must be in computer mode)

RM Easiteach tutorials (this is the software that came with our Eno boards)

Record your screen in RM Easiteach and save yourself from repeating the same lesson over and over

Even more links:

The YouTube Video
(76 minutes) on the Basics of the ENO Flex Whiteboard (from Polyvision Trainer Eric Spicer’s Training Session):
Polyvision Video Tutorials:
Marilyn Western’s Technology Tips for Classroom Teachers (Great Whiteboard Activities):
RM's Web Site with Video Tutorials on the Different Tools:
Polyvision's Ning Site


FREE Interactive Whiteboard Web Tools
1) Elementary Education -

Body Parts,index
2) Elementary Education -

Grouping Animals
3) English –

Construct A Word and Spin to Win
4) Math -

Counting Money
5) Math –

6) Science -

Interactive Weather Maker
7) Science -

Fun with Food Webs
8) Social Studies –

Place the State

Place the State (lines):
Place the State (no lines):
State the place:
Scary Spuds

Interactive Websites for Users of Whiteboards:

Interactive Websites for Users of Whiteboards

More Interactive Websites for Users of Whiteboards